[opencms-dev] Over and over again: News-Module...

Jakob Lemler Jakob.Lemler at t-online.de
Wed May 21 18:38:01 CEST 2003


the last days there are many times always the same questions about this
news module and I worked on it for several days now without succress...
;-( Is it not possible to post a simple complete example to get this
thing running....? 

I looked at the previous version and in the flex-examples... But the
nuts and bolds are still not together...

I am new to OpenCms and I do not want to invest my time in "deprecated"
technologies (like XML Templates when the recommandation is: please do
not use xml templates in new projects) to get a necessary and valuable
functionality on it's way...

Sorry but thats not the way to promote a really nice product. Is nobody
out there who can send a simple running
example or a little bit more complete documentation than 50 lines of
text? With all necessary steps and templates to get a newsindex and a
single news-edit screen?

As I started to use OpenCms several weeks ago I was sure it it the
(technical) better alternative to e.g. Typo3 with a really excellent,
complete documentation and support mailing lists. But php... Slowly my
opinion is changing.

Should OpenCms go the same way like Linux for many years now??? Great
system but not usable for an "average" user or webdeveloper without
spending several months of worktime to get a simple news thing running?

I do not want to get a perfect java programmer, I want to develop and
extend my web-site... 
Is'nt that the targetgroup for OpenCms too???

I do not believe this... So please, is help out there? 



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