[opencms-dev] Online content and the Mastermodule (was Re: Class caching(?) problems)

Tristan Roddis tristan at roddis.org
Wed May 21 17:58:00 CEST 2003

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 01:32:53PM +0000, Tristan Roddis wrote:
> Hang on a minute - I have just discovered what the difference is - it's 
> whether I've logged in to OpenCMS or not! Doh!
> So, my question becomes a lot simpler: what permissions do I need to give 
> my pages, elements and classes so that it will work for anonymous 
> visitors?

Hang on again! To continue my monologue, I've now realised that the 
difference between working and non-working is not 'being logged in or 
not', it's 'viewing the online version or not'.

I am using the mastermodule to store my data, and further investigation 
revealed that the CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER table was blank, despite the 
fact that the CMS_MODULE__MASTER had all the correct content.

So, I have two questions:

1) How can I get my module content exported to the
CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER table when the site is Published? Reading the
docs, this sems to be a case of implementing the publishProject() method
in the ContentDefinition as instructed, and adding a <publishclass> block
to the registry.xml. I have done both of these but still no joy.

Also, as a quick-and-dirty test, I copied all content from 
CMS_MODULE_MASTER to CMS_MODULE_ONLINE_MASTER to see if this would work, 
but I am still having trouble with the online version: despite having 
flagged the display page and all the elements with the property 
export=dynamic, then the file still seems to be static! I.e.


all give the same page (which appears to be 'the last version viewed in 
the offline project before hitting Publish') instead of giving different 
pages according to the URL parameters, which the offline version does. So,

2) How can I get online resources to be truly dynamic (or any alternative 
ideas, such as publishing all variants as static files)?

Many thanks,


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