[opencms-dev] errors in 'installation.html' and other 'release' files

Alexander Kandzior alex at opencms.org
Wed May 21 17:40:02 CEST 2003

> Are you saying 4.6 DOES work with Resin?

No, I just know for sure that the JSP integration in OpenCms does not
with Resign.
> Too bad about 5.0... I have read a lot about how unstable 
> Tomcat is in a production environment and I was hoping to 
> implement OpenCMS in a real-world situation. 

Tomcat is certainly not unstable. I belive that most OpenCms
installations that exist today use Tomcat as servlet container. I see no
reason not to use Tomcat in production.

Best Regards,

Alexander Kandzior
Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts

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