[opencms-dev] Installation problems of OpenCMS with WebLogic.

srini vas voleti_srini at yahoo.com
Wed May 21 13:30:02 CEST 2003


I am Srini working on WebLogic Portal Server. We want to evaluate OpenCMS, but facing problem in installing it.

I am using JDK1.4.1, Weblogic 7.0 and Oracle DB. I have downloaded opencms.war and extracted to c:\bea\user_projects\opencms and configured it in the Weblogic Console Web Applications and when iam trying to start OpenCMS(http://localhost:7501/opencms/ocsetup/index.jsp then it says:


Error starting OpenCms setup wizard.

It appears that your servlet container did not unpack the OpenCms WAR file.
OpenCms requires that it's WAR file is unpacked. 

Please unpack the OpenCms WAR file and try again. 

Check out the documentation of your Servlet container to learn how to unpack the WAR file,
or do it manually with some kind of unzip - tool. 

Tip for Tomcat users:
Open the file {tomcat-home}/conf/server.xml and search
for unpackWARs="false". Replace this with unpackWARs="true".
Then restart Tomcat. 


please help in installing opencms.



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