[opencms-dev] need help on News module

Marcus Redeker mredeker at web.de
Wed May 21 09:47:01 CEST 2003

The problem with the living together is that my master template is a xml
template which has only one element and that one element is the JSP
template reference. This works quite well and eliminates the need for
anymore xml templates. But I did not find a good solution to integrate
another xml template into the body which is inserted into the jsp

I found one way which works but I have to modify the control file of a
page. Since this is the only solution I found so far I will stick with

It would be great if the developer of the news module would publish the
source or even create JSP tags to retrieve the news.


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> Marcus Redeker wrote:
> > Does anybody use the news module with JSP templates yet? How do I 
> > integarte the news XML based templates into JSPs?
> We are sticking to XMLTEMPLATEs for now, as we started this 
> before the 
> switch to JSP, so I can't really help you much.
> I can point out that it looks like JSP and XMLTEMPLATE can live quite 
> happily together, some of the examples and demos do this.  So 
> you could 
> use XMLTEMPLATE for the news pages and JSP for everything else.
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