[opencms-dev] Making JSP Templates

Russell Castagnaro russell at synctank.com
Tue May 20 20:47:01 CEST 2003

More on This,

I've found that if I modify the jsp (actually xxx.jsp.jsp !!) templates in

I can change the files there, but there is no 'templates' directory
beneath 'org.opencms.welcome'.

any ideas?


Tuesday, May 20, 2003, 8:04:29 AM, you wrote:

RC> Hello Everyone,

RC> I everyone's help.  I followed the tutorial,
RC> but I can't figure out where to put the template and jsptemplate
RC> files.

RC> The docs say to put the template file in an existing module in
RC> '/system/modules/com.alkacon.documentation.howto-template/templates/'

RC> This directory doesn't exist :( (Yes, I've imported the module)

RC> I imported my modules from zip files. I've tried creating the
RC> templates in various different places, but the existing templates
RC> don't change and the new template isn't found!


RC> Tuesday, May 20, 2003, 1:19:36 AM, you wrote:

RH>> Greetings,

RH>> I pretty new to OpenCMS and have been working with it for a week now. Template creation can be done by following the JSP template development HOWTO. Follow the steps like this if you want to
RH>> create your own module:

RH>> 1. Create a folder structure similar to the org.opencms.templates folder.
RH>> 2. Create the master template using XMLTemplate syntax( see  the howto) place in Templates folder.
RH>> 3. Create a stylesheet and place in the resources folder (this is optional but makes changing the look and feel of the site a lot easier.) I've created a couple stylesheets (one for screen: this
RH>> one is viewed by the browser; one for print: this one removes any navigation for printing; one for edit: this one is used by opencms to display the page content when editing.
RH>> 4. Create a JSP Template following the example in step 3 of the HOWTO. Place JSP Template in jsptemplates folder.

RH>> Start with a simple layout and then build on that to add all the bells and whistles. I've added a dynamic navigation using some of the example code. The main navigation only lists the folders in
RH>> the root project and a sub navigation that list all the pages and  folder of the current directory.

RH>> Hope this helps you.

RH>> Rene
>>>>> russell at synctank.com 05/20/03 06:27AM >>>
RH>> Sorry to bother you all with something so seemingly trivial.

RH>> I'm trying to follow the tutorial and docs to create my own templates
RH>> but Its just not happening.  I've imported all of the documentation
RH>> modules as zip files.  i have also created a master template and
RH>> jsptemplates, but I think I put them in the wrong place.  Given that
RH>> my system installed in the ~webapps/opencms directory.  Where should I
RH>> be placing these files?

RH>> Does it have to be placed in a zip file?

RH>> Thanks in advanced!

Best regards,
 Russell                            mailto:russell at synctank.com

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