[opencms-dev] Making JSP Templates

Rene Hinojosa R_Hinojosa at Cityofsouthfield.com
Tue May 20 13:29:01 CEST 2003


I pretty new to OpenCMS and have been working with it for a week now. Template creation can be done by following the JSP template development HOWTO. Follow the steps like this if you want to create your own module:

1. Create a folder structure similar to the org.opencms.templates folder.
2. Create the master template using XMLTemplate syntax( see  the howto) place in Templates folder.
3. Create a stylesheet and place in the resources folder (this is optional but makes changing the look and feel of the site a lot easier.) I've created a couple stylesheets (one for screen: this one is viewed by the browser; one for print: this one removes any navigation for printing; one for edit: this one is used by opencms to display the page content when editing.
4. Create a JSP Template following the example in step 3 of the HOWTO. Place JSP Template in jsptemplates folder.

Start with a simple layout and then build on that to add all the bells and whistles. I've added a dynamic navigation using some of the example code. The main navigation only lists the folders in the root project and a sub navigation that list all the pages and  folder of the current directory.

Hope this helps you.

>>> russell at synctank.com 05/20/03 06:27AM >>>
Sorry to bother you all with something so seemingly trivial.

I'm trying to follow the tutorial and docs to create my own templates
but Its just not happening.  I've imported all of the documentation
modules as zip files.  i have also created a master template and
jsptemplates, but I think I put them in the wrong place.  Given that
my system installed in the ~webapps/opencms directory.  Where should I
be placing these files?

Does it have to be placed in a zip file?

Thanks in advanced!

Best regards,
 Russell                            mailto:russell at synctank.com 

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