[opencms-dev] Static Export/Publish to WebServer Using FTP

Sven Dittmar dittmar at rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue May 20 09:39:01 CEST 2003

Hi Anil,

we wrote a linux-cronjob using a shellscript and a config file.

This looks into the pre-defined export-directories of opencms and does 
an rsync with different remote servers/directories if a change of a file 
is detected. Else it stays quiet and does nothing.

We have approx. 12 projects, 23 users and one external server with 
several virtual apache-hosts.

I am not quite sure if you can use rsync for ftp-sessions. But if it 
can, you could go the same path as we did.

Sven Dittmar

Anil K Patel wrote:
> I have a requirement 
> 1) Publish content to Web server using FTP. 
> 2) Manage more then one Project and Publish them to different
> Locations( Web Servers).
> Any Ideas!
> Anil Patel

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