[opencms-dev] Adding Resource Types / Navigation / Alternative Templates (PDF?) / Online Form Data -> Into CMS Project? / Documentation.

Adrian Byng-Clarke adrianbc at MIT.EDU
Sun May 18 13:52:01 CEST 2003

I have recently installed opencms 5.0 which I am evaluating for possible
use in one of my web projects.

It would be useful for me to define my own resource types (aka. Content
type Definitions) such as "news item", "press release", "calendar item"
or even binary files like "photo with extended comments and links". How
can this be done? This is a fairly basic function of any CMS. I'm not
sure why this is not clear in the docs. 

I am also interested in using openCMS to maintain the navigation for my
project. For example. Is it possible to generate a tree style nav bar
out of openCMS?
If anybody has some instructions on using  the navigation (i.e. adding
pages, setting depth, sorting links at each depth) it would be greatly
appreciated. Where can I manipulate the navigation data and how can I
generate my own nav style.

I would like to learn how I can present resources in alternate template
styles. For example could I provide a printer friendly version of every
article that I list on my site? What about generating a PDF version?

Also, is there an easy way to create online forms and have the data go
directly in as an unposted resource?

Answers to any of these questions would be appreciated.  For an
open-source product - I find the documentation a little sparse. However,
The few areas that I have seen good documentation on look very
promising.  I also like the idea of the documentation modules but it
might also be nice to have these running on an openCMS.org hosted server
somewhere so that they can be looked at without installing the product. 



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