[opencms-dev] Multilingual Support

Thomas Gick thomasgick at web.de
Fri May 16 21:14:02 CEST 2003

Hi Tim,

there is no support for multilingual sites. As a workaround you can
enable the textbody option in the opencms editor.
So you could edit your different language content each in one
textbody. ( All language bodies are stored in one page of the vfs)

If your users request a page you can give them back the textbody
which belongs to the requested language. You could get the preferred
language out of the user session. you have to create the user session
with these parameter by an own class.

The disadvantage of this method is, that you cannot use static
export for the content, because one and the same page request
can give different content back.

If your content is for the most part of the same structure,
e.g. titel, text, picture, date, language

This method is surely not the first choice. Writing a backoffice
module to edit these content would be in this case the better way.

I hope this helps you,


Hello Tim,

Friday, May 16, 2003, 7:07:44 PM, you wrote:

TM> Hello List,

TM> I've just installed the OpenCMS and it looks like a great CMS application. 
TM> I'm not sure about it's support for multiple languages though. I've seen 
TM> information about how it is able to handle different languages, but how 
TM> does it handle multiple language content?

TM> - Is it possible to have one site, but each file (content) can be in 
TM> various languages?
TM> (Instead of having multiple sites with content that doesn't have a 
TM> relationship with similar content in another language) If you have two 
TM> completely separate sites, then synchronizing the content can become a 
TM> large headache.

TM> I'm eagerly waiting to hear any OpenCMS multilingual advice!

TM> Thank you.

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Best regards,
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