[opencms-dev] LEdit is driving me crazy

Dimitri Bougoulias D.Bougoulias at ieee.org
Wed May 14 11:34:01 CEST 2003

Hello Giles,
First I have to clarify that it is the Microsoft "dhtmledit" OCX control
used by OpenCms WYSIWYG Editor that you are talking about.
LEDIT OCX is used only for source editing...

Now on your problem....

I believe you want to add a link to a file that lives in a download gallery.

In order to achive this you have:
A) Select the text (in the editor) that you want to turn into a link to your
B) Simply click on the desired file-name from the list.

Your done.... The selected text has turned into a link.

Best regards,

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I am using OpenCms v 4.6.1 and LEDIT as the online contetnt editor. The
image gallery functionalityu works fine - there's a few bugs but genrally
everything is good.  I am trying to use the download list function to add
downloadable content to a page - I have a file to add to the page to
download but i don't seem to be able to get it on the page.  Has anyone else
experienced this problem and if so is there a solution. Does anyone know if
there is another editor available that will run with 4.6.1 as LEDIT is
fundametally pants!!!!!

Please help



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