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Chris Kalaras chris at kalaras.com
Wed May 14 00:08:01 CEST 2003



Let me rephrase this:



When I create a module the folder jsptemplates is not automatically created,
after I add this folder manually dto I need to do something else for the
module to recognize that this exists?


The problem is simple the system is not aware of the folder..


Has anyone attempted this ?




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I need some elementary support, I'm creating a module and testing jsp
templates.  I'm getting the following error :


[jsptemplate] ??? com.opencms.core.CmsException: 0 Unknown exception.
Detailed error: [CmsJspTemplate] Error while reading JSP
com.opencms.core.CmsException: 2 Not found. Detailed error:
/default/vfs/system/modules/com.opencms.kalaras/jsptemplates/howto1.jsp. .
root cause was com.opencms.core.CmsException: 2 Not found. Detailed error:


I have tested all templates and they work under pre existing modules,  it
seems to me that the jsptemplate folder is not recognized/found under my new
module  do I need to register a new folder?  Any clues would be helpful.


Thank you


Chris  P.  Kalaras




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