[opencms-dev] Deployed on Weblogic?

mfoley5 at csc.com.au mfoley5 at csc.com.au
Mon May 12 02:10:02 CEST 2003

Hi Garvin,

We are running OpenCms on WebLogic 6.1 SP2 - check back through the
opencms-dev archives for details I posted before.

We could not run OpenCms in a WebLogic cluster because when operating as a
managed server WebLogic does not detect changes in files in the filesystem
- that is if you publish something into the "export" directory, it will be
served fine, but if this content is changed and published over the top of
the previous content, the previous content is cached somewhere and the new
changes is not visible to be served until the WebLogic instance is
resterted.  BEA confirmed with me that this is the intended behaviour.

Our workaround for this is to run two standalone WebLogic servers,
configuring just one of these as recipient for opencms/system/workplace
requests and running a synchronisation script every five minutes to keep
the two OpenCms export directories up to date with one another.  This has
worked very well for us so far.


Mark Foley
212 Northbourne Ave, Braddon, ACT 2612
Ph: +61-2-62468487    Email: mfoley5 at csc.com.au


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Has anyone deployed OpenCMS on Weblogic 6.1?  If so, was it in a cluster?
I would be interested in hearing about any successes or failures.


Garvin LeClaire
Anthem Inc.
Senior Technical Architect
Technology Architecture and Infrastructure

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