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Cyrill Brunschwiler c.brunschwiler at bluewin.ch
Fri May 9 17:30:02 CEST 2003

Hi Tobias

I adapted the opencms db pooling for a little project.
Mainly the dbpool holds some connections.
The min and max amount of connections is configurable in
the properties. Also the maximum age and a timeout is configurable.

What you did until yet is getting the driver, setting up a connection
and executing some statements.
In bigger environments you'll run in troubles. maybe if you try to open
more connections than the db can handle.

Working with the pool:
Get the connection from the dbpool. something like..
Connection con = DBPool.connect();
Do your stuff you did until yet. something like...
PreparedStatement ps = con.xy ...
At the end of your db request free the connection. it's like...

If you don't free the connection, the pool will kill the connection
and create a new one. !!! Do not force this behavior. It's just
implemented to take care about lost connections and quickly hackers.

If you'd try to get a connection from the pool and the maximum amount
of connections is allready reached, i think the statement will run
into a waiting loop.

Have Fun

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hi everybody,
my name is tobias, i'm new at openCMS and currently working to get a overview.
can somebody post me, where to find documentation on how to use the database connection pooling?
thanks, tobias
(please excuse my poor english ; - ( )

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