[opencms-dev] XML or JSP Template mechanism?

mfoley5 at csc.com.au mfoley5 at csc.com.au
Fri May 9 11:58:01 CEST 2003

Hi All,

I have read in the documentation for OpenCms 5 that it is now preferred
that developers use the JSP template mechanism instead of the proprietary
XML templates:

Page 117:
"Since Version 5 of OpenCms, we suggest to build templates and all
based on Java Server Pages (JSP)."
"The proprietary XML template mechanism is still a part of OpenCms for
backward compatibility
reasons. We recommend the use of JSP templates for new projects."

Does the use of JSP templates mean that by publishing our content we will
no longer be able to distribute web pages to our webservers for direct
access by web clients?  Our current system layout has an appserver with two
redundant webservers, and we replicate the "/export" content emitted by
OpenCms to the webserver for faster delivery to the client browser.  Any
pages which have an embedded JSP are forwarded to the appserver (WebLogic)
to be served.  This results in a much reduced appserver load and much lower
use of the inter-server bandwidth.  This behaviour certainly endeared
OpenCms to our infrastructure people.

(Or should I RTFM, Alex?)

Thanks for any clarification,

Mark Foley
212 Northbourne Ave, Braddon, ACT 2612
Ph: +61-2-62468487    Email: mfoley5 at csc.com.au


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