[opencms-dev] JSP Templates getNavFold

Mario Wallnöfer mario.wallnoefer at msk-informatik.at
Thu May 8 17:36:01 CEST 2003

I am currently reengineering my templates from the old xml-template
mechanism to the new jsp-template mechanism.

everything works fine, but i have used for navigation the getNavFold method.
my navigation is 3 menueitems for instance.
when you select menuitem1, the lower items get displayed. when you select
another main menuitem, the other items disappear and the lower items of
menuitem2 are displayed.

i want to do it in the same way with the jsp templates. when i use the
getNavigationForFolder() method, i only see the current folder, not the
upper folder.

is there a replacement for the old getNavFold method??

thanks in advance

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