[opencms-dev] News module for 5.0 final release.

Thomas März thomasmaerz at gmx.de
Thu May 8 05:11:01 CEST 2003


David Seikel <david.seikel at icemedia.com.au> writes:
> Andreas Zahner wrote:
>> The news module version 4 is outdated and only available in the CVS tree
>> "/opencms/modules/news/".
>> A new version will be released in due course, but at the moment, there
>> is no time for us to upgrade this news module after having finished our
>> work on OpenCms 5.0 and the documentation.
> Any idea how long it will take?  We are developing a new project for a
> client that requires the news module.  We would prefer installing a
> proper version 5.0 news module over having to port the old one across,
> since the job of porting was not part of our plan.

We are too developing a new site, but before spending time on upgrading
the News-module, please spend your spare time on (resp. undpaid time)
documenting other features of OpenCms.
Especially CahnnelIds. I still don't know how to use them!? And if I
should use them. And tell me more about the features the documentation
says "... out of scope ...".

In have the opinion your documentation is too great for an OpenSource
project, but too poor to improve and enhance development _for_ and with
OpenCms. Or I am too poor for your Source-Code; hehehe.

My problems, that are to fix: (ordered by priotity) 
 - http://www.opencms.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=13

My wishes (in demand):
 - When changing the flags for a file, group permission and user, then
   the user will only see a pre-defined selection. E.g. user a-h can
   only set flags for a-*. (Or define it by a XML-template).
   - Someone intereted in this feature?
   - Is this somehow else available?
   - This feature will be necessary anyway, so give me som clues how and
      why I should implement this?

 - The same as one point above applies the other vies.
   - E. g. task view; show only tasks according to the aboce

>> You are very welcome to adapt the module to OpenCms version 5. If you
>> have a working module, please contribute it on
>> http://www.opencms.org/opencms/en/download/modules/downloads_form.html
>> to share it with the OpenCms community.

Is someone interested in developing a module to update _any_ foreign
folder (different location: accessed by ftp e. g.)
I will develop anyway and have to, maybe the module (for sure) will get
better and better if many users are intersted and will contribute.

Best Regards,
Thomas März

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