[opencms-dev] Re[2]: opencms-dev digest, Vol 1 #54 - 4 msgs

Christian Fritze The.Finn at sprawl.de
Wed May 7 14:27:01 CEST 2003

Hello Muhammad,

it would be really nice of you if you tried to answer individual
posts rather than the lists digests. The way you are doing it 
now makes it hard to follow the threads of discussion you are 
participating in. I'm sure even your MS Outlook knows how to split 
a mail digest into the individual mails or maybe you have to
install some plugin to do it.

Apart from this please have a look at your quoting technique.
I really don't need the complete digest quoted if you just want
to give a short comment to one of the digests posts. This just
produces unnecessary network traffic and annoyances for the 
readers of the list. Maybe you find


a valuable source of information. The article refers to usenet
but its guidelines can be applied to mail just as well.

No offense meant... 


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