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Rolf Gisler rogi at pentagroup.ch
Fri May 2 10:59:01 CEST 2003

Hi list,

I've just installed OpenCms 5.0 RC2 with J2 SDK 1.4.1_02, MySQL 3.23.56,
Tomcat 4.1.24 and imported a website designed on an older version of
OpenCms. Almost at the end of publishing the project I get the following
error message:

Exporting /pics/pentagroup/PG_SysIntegr_jpg72_100H.jpg
Exporting /pics/pentagroup/ON_CCMChart_gifnorm100w.gif
Exporting /
Exception com.opencms.core.CmsException: 0 Unknown exception. Detailed
error: [com.opencms.file.CmsStaticExport] couldn't open file
E:ProgrammeTomcatwebappsopencmsexport (Zugriff verweigert).
at com.opencms.file.CmsStaticExport.exportLink(CmsStaticExport.java:702)
at com.opencms.file.CmsStaticExport.<init>(CmsStaticExport.java:259)
at com.opencms.file.CmsObject.exportStaticResources(CmsObject.java:1551)
at com.opencms.file.CmsObject.publishProject(CmsObject.java:2483)
Exporting /pics/others/AcrobatReader.gif
Exporting /pics/pentagroup/on_ccm_timeline.gif
... static export finished
... the project has been published

Went there something wrong that will inhibit me to go on working on this
website with OpenCms 5.0 RC2 or only in th static export part?

What can I do?

Is this a known bug?

Thanks in advance for your hints,

Rolf Gisler

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