[opencms-dev] opencms and sqlserver - Help

Nico Krause Nico.Krause at nsc.eu.com
Wed Apr 30 17:20:01 CEST 2003

Hello Stefano,

I think you will have to buy a licence for 4000 $ as I remember..
Lovely greets from M$.

I spend a lot of time with evaluating SQL-Server - JDBC Driver especially if
you still have also Version 7.0. A lot of them I found are cheaper but are
grab or have some small problems. 

http://www.datadirect-technologies.com this is the best and most expensive
(works great) - and I think it's the stated merant jdbc driver.... (not
sure) they offer it  with a 14 day evaluation period.


this one is a little cheaper but has a problem as I discovered with huge
ResultSets (Out-Of-Memory-Errors)

If someone knows a free working(!) JDBC-Driver for MS-SQL-Server 7.0 please
report !

I would advise you to take the free Database MySQL or Oracle in order to use
OpenCMS since the JDBC-Driver is too expensive.

Best Regards,


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hy i need to install opencms with sql server but i don't know where to find
the merant jdbc driver....

do you know where i can find it and how to install


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