[opencms-dev] Strange error when creating folder "content"

Nico Krause Nico.Krause at nsc.eu.com
Wed Apr 30 14:24:01 CEST 2003

Hello Björn,

Move all your template directories and templates to 

so it looks like:

that is because the template base directory changed from version 4 to
version 5;-)

Hope this will help.


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Hello again,

now, since I can create folders (thank you Kai :-) I've another problem. I 
wanted to create my first templates according to the decumentation of 
version 4.6. I'm currently using OpenCMS 5.0 rc2.

First my VFS:


First what I did, is to create a new folder named 'projects' with a 
subfolder 'NiceTry'. This is my project directory.


Next I created the folders for the templates in the NiceTry folder. After 
that I created the example template files in the corresponing folders and 
tried to creat a page that uses my template, but it wasn't listed in the 
pull down menu. Iv'e also tried to change the link in the mastertemplate 
from /content/... to /projects/NiceTry/content/... but it didn't work, too.

So I deleted the content folder again and tried to create the folder in the 
root folder. BUT then it says this folder does already exists and I'm 100% 
sure there's no folder 'content' in my whole Viritual File System.

I also tried to delete the project and to restart the database (MySQL) but 
it doesn't help.

It's also a bit strange that the content folder isn't in the root folder 
after the installation. In the documentation are more folders then I have 
and it isn't mentioned that I first have to create them.
It's also very confusing to me that I have, according to the documentation, 
to create a text file if i want to create a template. There's also the 
option to create a 'XML Template'-file. Mistake in the documentation?

I would be glad if somebody could help me!

Best regards


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