[opencms-dev] Java-Script Error when trying to create new Folder etc.

Björn Aberti bjoern_al at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 30 09:05:02 CEST 2003

Hello everybody,

I'm new to OpenCMS and I was very happy when I finally had installed it, 
since there were problems regarding to the file encoding.
Now I have the next problem. When I try to create a new folder in the 
offline mode, a message box appears which says that an object is expected. 
It's an Java-Script error.
I'm using IE 5.0 and I have enabled all ActiveXs and cookies, but it doesn't 
work. Is there also an Option where I can activate or deactivate 
Java-Script? I havn't found it.
Its also very confusing to me that I have to use ISO-8859-1 file encoding 
standard, although the install.html says that I have to use UTF-8 standard. 
If I use it, OpenCMS doesn't work anymore. I also tried with Netscape with 
the same result. In the mailing list I found no answer, what I could do.

Could anybody help me?



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