[opencms-dev] Please provide some examples for the OpenCMS/Flex JSP integration

Bacchini Maurizio maurizio.bacchini at netikos.com
Tue Apr 29 10:10:01 CEST 2003

We would like to adopt the OpenCMS v5 for our project because 4.6 seems to be obsolete.
The development schedule we have is very tight.
Please provide at least an example for the OpenCMS/Flex JSP integration.
It is important that the example covers the flow from the JSP/HTML rendering to the database access.
What we are looking for is an example like "News example" provided in OpenCms 4.6 implemented using JSP template.
Our schedule does not let us to wait unfortunately until the final official V 5.0 release, the only thing we are asking is a real complete usage example from a development point of view.

The success of this Open Source platform depends also on the success of projects like ours.

Maurizio Bacchini

Maurizio Bacchini

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