[opencms-dev] import of old modules in version 5 rc2 yes or no ?

Tuttenuj, Thomas tutti at gutura.de
Mon Apr 28 18:32:01 CEST 2003


first of all congratulations and Many Thanks 
for bringing us openCMS !

Is it or is it not possible
to import the old website website_for_oc_4.4.0.zip
into a running version 5 rc2 ?

call me stupid but i did not yet manage to import them,
althoug i read the 4.6 manual and a couple of hints,
but i never was sure, whether at all this would succeed ?

if this is generally possible,
i would appreciate a little step-by-step-help.

(i found for example this one here
but not sure whether this is valid for 5.0)

(additional keywords:  NewsModule4.zip, website, NewsModule3.zip) 

kind regards,


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