[opencms-dev] Word Document Launcher in 5.0 RC2

A.I.Consuc at gsk.com A.I.Consuc at gsk.com
Mon Apr 28 18:17:02 CEST 2003

Hi all,
     I imported an MS word doc into opencms 5 rc2. I am trying to test
version control using this doc. I wanted to do simple tasks such as: check
out -> edit -> check in. When I click on the document from the list, it
shows it in IE as binary converted to text (not pretty!) - as if there's no
Laucher associated with it. It seems DumpLauncher is being called.
     How do I configure/customize opencms so that *.doc documents are
launched appropiately. Is there a word launcher out there? How can I also
see version numbers on the document?


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