[opencms-dev] mysql database table: cms_users

Sunshine-Moonshine at gmx.net Sunshine-Moonshine at gmx.net
Mon Apr 28 09:59:02 CEST 2003


i've tried to make a request to the opencms-database (opencms v5.0 rc2) with
tomcat (v4.1). i would like to use the opencms user_name and user_password
(from the database table cms_users) to enter a restricted area on a
website.but the user_password is encrypted. 
so i need to know:

which java-class encrypts the user_password? i found 2 classes, i think they
are possible the ones i search: CmsResourceBroker.class and

can i use this classes for my request (for my restricted area)? 

can i make tomcat understand, that the password (plaintext) has to be
encrypted and compared with the 
opencms-database entry? if yes, how?

kind regards & thx

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