[opencms-dev] Second level links work bad; Picture galeries problem

Dragota Alin Alin.Dragota at schartner.net
Thu Apr 24 17:18:01 CEST 2003

Hi everybody
            There are two problems that I have encountered.
1.       I have used a "relativelinks_in_export=true" in
"opencms.properties". This is the way I can use properly a link after a file
has been exported. When I access that file outside the opencms the links
from the exported file works fine (if the target is published too). The
problem comes when I have a link in page A to the page B and a link in page
B to page C. The link from page A to B looks like this (in status bar in
                  Link from B to C looks like this: <> 
            I repeat that I have accessed those files from outside the
opencms application, but from Tomcat because from opencms everything works
2.       I try to use a picture gallery. I switch in administration mode. I
create a pictures gallery. I publish it. In page when I try to insert a
picture from my picture gallery (like it works with links galleries)
clicking on the picture, nothing happens because there is no link to that
image and no picture can be inserted. 
Are those bugs or what? 
If not, any help would be useful. 
Thanks in advance
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