[opencms-dev] Using CodeCharge together with OpenCMS

Nico Krause Nico.Krause at nsc.eu.com
Thu Apr 24 11:58:01 CEST 2003

Hi List,
I evaluated CodeCharge which a Codegenerator. It produces a set classes and
JSP's in order making pretty good database forms.
If somebody tried that too and imported it into OpenCMS sucessfully. Please
send me a short message how you did it.
I currently get always an OpenCMS Exception "InputStream cannot be null". If
I try to access a JSP Page from OpenCMS Workplace.
I added the codecharge taglib to  web.xml of OpenCMS.. but there seems to be
a deeper problem. Or a small which I'm not able to discover.
If somebody can tell me more about this Exception (InputStream cannot be
null) which is thrown by OpenCMS.. this would possibly also help me a lot.
Thank you for any comments.
Best Regards,
Nico Krause
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