[opencms-dev] Example modules for version 5?

Tristan Roddis tristan at roddis.org
Thu Apr 24 10:33:01 CEST 2003

I am new to OpenCMS, but I am keen to start using version 5 and its JSP 

However, I have been hampered by a lack of examples and usable code. When
I tried to import some of the modules available on the opencms website
(e.g. com.opencms.modules.search.lucene, NewsModule4.zip,
website_for_oc_4.4.0.zip) I just got null pointer exceptions (I am using

So, has anybody got any modules that *will* work with version 5 that I
could use? I am particularly keen on having news article management and
site-wide searching, as well as anything that I can use as an example to
base my own code on (especially examples using JSPs instead of the
old-style XML templates, and anything that demonstrates using the

All help greatly appreciated.



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