[opencms-dev] someone help me?

Dragota Alin Alin.Dragota at schartner.net
Thu Apr 24 09:20:02 CEST 2003


You have to be sure that your database is running because that is for sure a
database connection error. 
Have you registered the database that you use in system services? 
If you use mySQL database and Win2000 you should register it like a service
on your system ... and it will run all the time.

"3. Install MySQL
On Windows-based systems MySQL has to be installed on the C:\ drive and
should be registered as service using (your MySQL path - that means you have
to go into mysql/bin directory and tst mysqld -install)/mysql/bin/mysqld
In Unix "Start the MySQL server by running the service (WIN32) or executing
(your MySQL path)/mysql/bin/mysqld (UNIX). "
Check that MySQL is running before you continue by starting the MySQL
monitor (execute mysql in your MySQL bin folder). The database works
correctly if a MySQL prompt appears after calling the monitor. Quit the
MySQL monitor by typing exit and go to the next step. 


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