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Ray Glendenning ray.glendenning at hackery.demon.co.uk
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Sorry for using outlook to reply, but it's all I have here on hols at the

1. I need to use XSLT to get any CMS into out institution as my bosses only
want to hear about open standards (the is my fault but it is for our own

2.  I know that your bodies go under system/bodies, but how do I add this to
two different places in the navigation.  I don't want to have our content
entry people having to go in and modify control code (but it creates new
bodies under system/bodies/student/... etc)

Looks like the way to do it will be a new resource type which would be
'shared content' or possibly a 'content gallery' and that way the templates
can be kept totally seperate.


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> 1. Does anyone have a working implementation of XSLT templates?
Do you need XSLT templates?
A template is a template is a template, isn't it?

> 2. Is it possible to seperate the content from the presentation? For
> Say I have a site which for our example I will use an educational
> institution since I work in one ;-) and I need the same content to be
> visible in two different places in the site and using a different
> template.  This would allow in this case both students and staff to see
> a different version of the page but allow the body to be stored in one
> place like:
> /content/course/list.html                          Shared content in the
Shared content is then beneath system/bodies/...
This means the same body for two different templates.
> /staff/academic/course/index.html            Content rendered using the
staff template
> /student/course/current/list.html               Content rendered using
student template
I didn't try this - there was once upon a time a thread about this - but
it should be possible with some hand-made configurations of the
templates. I guess there are also different solutions available by
e.g. JSP-include.

> of course people who are a member of the group with access to /content
> should be able to update the content but the other two can't.  All they
> can do is remove it from their navigation and re-add it to a different
> place as required.  I tried doing the above by changing the control code
> for the second two links to point to the first links body but you could
> still try to edit the file and it would throw a 404.


Best Regards,
Thomas März
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