[opencms-dev] Write a module to add workflow functionality?

James Dunwoody james.dunwoody at sytec.co.nz
Wed Apr 23 06:10:02 CEST 2003

We are looking for additional functionality from Tasks in OpenCMS. We are
looking to create more of a workflow with a set of steps, branching and
conditional allocation of content management tasks (authoring, publication
etc). We feel that we would have to build a module to do this and we are
hoping that there are enough hooks available the authoring, publication
parts of the core system to make this possible.

1. Has there been any discussion on this?

2. Is it possible to do the above in a module or do we have to modify the
core and interact with CMSTask objects? Any pointers as to where to focus
attention would be really appreciated.

We are using version 5.0 rc 2.

James Dunwoody
Software Engineer 
Sytec Resources Limited 

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