[opencms-dev] Website URL when using OpenCMS

David Seikel david.seikel at icemedia.com.au
Tue Apr 22 01:07:01 CEST 2003

EXCELSIS - Sepand Oboudiyat wrote:
> I need to know if it is possible to configure my web application so that
> the URL does not contain the .../opencms/opencms/... or
> .../export/opencms/... parts e.g. in the OpenCMS.org pages
> http://www.opencms.org/opencms/opencms/service/mailinglists.html. Can it be
> done ? IF so how ?
> Also, i would like to configure my application so that the .....:8080 is
> omitted from the URL.
> Is the only way to achieve this to configure Apache to behave as a proxy
> which directs all requests to Tomcat ?

Both can be done using Apache proxy, redirects or rewrites.  From what I 
have heard, /opencms/opencms/ will go away when version 5 gets a full 
release.  While Apache rewrite rules are considered black magic by some, 
it is what I would use, but only because I have some preconfigured 
rewrite rules at home somewhere (that is, not here where I can attach 
them for you).  Your best bet is to wait for the final release, then use 
Apache as a proxy, thus avoiding rewrite rules altogether.

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