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Schmidt, Kai Kai.Schmidt at
Wed Apr 16 09:31:01 CEST 2003

Hi Larry,

I'm curious if anyone has done any work with adapting opencms to use some
type of external or alternative authentication system....  Specifically,
LDAP... ???  

I am also very curious about it, but as I did not have the time to check it,
I cannot say if it (the ff branch) is a proper solution and if it fits to
the new releases. Please let me know if you succeed in integrating it.

Best regards, 


This is what I found w.r.t this topic:

28.03.03: Laurent Vernet:

I have started my own CmsResourceBroker to access a specific User
Directory(LDAP like). I think you have to implement you own
CmsResourceBroker (which one should bea wrapper using native
CmsResourceBroker)but using your own code to access user/groups/roles
.Becareful i think you have to synchronize some information between your
directory and OpenCMS (groups/roles).

28.03.03 Lolo:

see at the ff branch of the cvs

22.01.03 Hanjo Riege:

 if you want OpenCms to communicate with an ldap server, you should check
out  the  ff branch from the cvs-repository. There is an OpenCms version
based on  5.0_beta_1  that can handle modules for user authentication. It
includes a module for  ldap.  

22.11.02 Michael Emmerich:

We are currently working on an internal modification of the user management
in OpenCms which will allow to attach external user databases (e.g. LDAP) to
OpenCms. Fomr the programmerers perspective, the access to users within
OpenCms will be the same as it is now, so existing applications based on
OpenCms should still work. Since this is a major modification to the OpenCms
core, it will not be part finished until the 5.0 release, so it will be part
of a later version of  OpenCms.


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