[opencms-dev] Failover/Load Balancing/Clustering/Scalibility with OpenCMS

Peter.Trumpp at entory.com Peter.Trumpp at entory.com
Tue Apr 15 14:16:01 CEST 2003

Does anyone has some experience with openCMS in a clustered enviroment?
For load balancing and failover it might be desirable to use multiple server
With other systems you can use several (e.g. Apache-)webservers that connect to
a single Web-Container/Servlet-Engine,
or even several Web-Container that use a common (EJB-)"Business"-Server.
Due to the "VFS"-approach of OpenCMS there wouldn't be much to do for the
Apache-Webserver, because all requests would have to be handled by
openCMS-(TomCat)-Server anyway, but is it possible to connect serveral TomCats
to a common database?!?
Some of the sites using openCMS seem to be quite big. Are they really run with
one single server?
How is the topic "scalibility" adressed by openCMS?
Thanks and regards,

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