[opencms-dev] Importing version 4 modules into version 5 rc 2

David Seikel david.seikel at icemedia.com.au
Tue Apr 15 09:45:02 CEST 2003

So that I can better understand how all this should be put together, I 
have imported the version 4 news module, and the version four opencms 
web site.  The pictures would not display, but that was easily fixed by 
changing all the /opencms/pics/ to /opencms/opencms/pics/.  The news 
would not display, that was easily fixed by manually copying the news 
class files into WEB-INF/classes.

The admin icons display with what looks like the full package name of 
the class, and they don't work.  I have been trying to unravel how 
version 5 rc 2 figures out what the admin icon labels are, but with no 
luck.  There is a workplace.properties files buried in the opencms.jar 
file that defines the built in ones, but I don't see how an imported 
module would get it's label into the correct place.  The same probably 
applies to why the news admin icons do nothing.

BTW, when you touch a file, a default timestamp is displayed, but then 
it is not accepted as a valid time format when you click OK.  Neither is 
any other time format I tried.

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