[opencms-dev] Define permissions

Birgit Hämmerling Christall at gmx.net
Tue Apr 8 08:07:01 CEST 2003

Hi Walter !

Don't worry about the "long" mail ! Yesterday I read and answered your mail
short before a meeting with my boss concerning openCMS that's all...;-) Sorry
that my paper could not really give you an answer to your question.

Well, you have four roles now in your system.
The Visitor with only read access can be "Guests" in OpenCMS.
The Authors can be "Users", the Publisher "Projectmanager".

In my system the Publisher and the Revisor are the same person (and only
one). That's why I do not have these problems. And it's only a "normal" website
not a portal or something like that. I don't know which functions your
openCMS should fulfill. Maybe you need only three groups. 

If not, your way seems to be a good solution. Unfortunately, I'm not used to
Java-programming - so I can't give you good hints how to realize your
solution. But I must learn Java in the fast future for other reasons (but also
openCMS) ... ;-)  It would be nice if you could state your solution afterwards in
the Mailinglist.

At the moment I solved my problem with the standard roles in openCMS. The
only problem there was, that the default settings were wrong. Before I changed
the settings, every role inherits from the above role all rights. That means,
every user was another admin and so on. After changing these settings (as
explained in the paper I sent - unfortunately only in German) I could use the
openCMS roles for my project. (I explained it shortly to Cedric Barde who had
- nearly - the same problem as you. You can have a look at the Mailinglist or
I can send you the mails.)

Hope that this time I could help you a little bit... ;-)


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