[opencms-dev] mysql 40 with ocms 5.0

Thomas März thomasmaerz at gmx.de
Mon Apr 7 23:54:01 CEST 2003


> Anyone know when mysql 4.0.xx will be supported for 5.0, I have read that
> this will be available in the final release.  Any hope that we may have an
> earlier release ? The problem I'm having is that 5.O does not see/connect to
> the database.

we are running OpenCms RC1 with MySQL 4.x without any problems, but the
data was dumped from MySQL 3.x.x. It's now running without any errors,
at leat without errors I recognized, since two weeks.

The Admin didn't ask when transferring the databse. 

Best Regards,
Thomas März

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