[opencms-dev] Refresh Pages with apacheHTTPServer y Tomcat

henry molina henrymolina at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 7 18:32:02 CEST 2003

Friends, I've installed Opencms 5.0 c2 under Tomcat
4.01 in a Linux Operating System.
The application works perfectly testing with Tomcat, I
mean all the xx were successfull.

Then I installed ApacheHTTPServer to make the
communication with  Tomcat, I used Mod_webapp.
When I test the application, it works fine, you can
try it at www.kruger.com.ec

But when I make changes like the adiministrator of the
website, it doesn't refresh when the application
starts from apache ( www.kruger.com.ec ) but I can see
the changes when I start it from Tomcat
(www.kruger.com.ec:8080.................) .

Could someone help me with this problem? I would
ppreciated very much.

Does it exist some mecanism of configuration for the
warp Mod_webapp.

Thank you very much.
Henry Molina

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