[opencms-dev] Problems in using the searchmodule

Birgit Hämmerling Christall at gmx.net
Mon Apr 7 11:27:01 CEST 2003


I create a html-page within a project that includes the searchform of the
module "searchform". I also installed the module with the searchengine (htdig)
and did all steps of configuration. I updated as well the path where to find
the file "htsearch". Within openCMS I get the error message "Error in calling
the searchmodule" when I start a simple search. After publishing the project
I get nothing after pressing the button - even the error message is missing.

It would be nice if someone could give me a hint what I should do to solve
the problem.

Thank you.


PS: In order for a better understanding I write down the parameters of the

parameters of the searchengine:
Serverpath: /worker/entwicklung/testopencms/cgi-bin/
method: and,or,boolean
sort: score,date,title,revscore,revdate,revtitle
format: long,short

parameters of the module "searchform":
SearchModul: com.opencms.modules.search.htdig.CmsHtdig
ConfigurationFile: default
AreaSection: none
AreaField: false
MatchPerPage: 10
NavigationRange: 10
ParsingExcerptUrI: none

(I'm currently using openCMS vers. 4.7.7)

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