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ambiesense at gmx.de ambiesense at gmx.de
Thu Apr 3 20:21:50 CEST 2003

Hi Peter,

at the moment I try to realise a JSP appraoch which is using a Java Bean.
The Java bean should then basically work like the CmsShell which is
instanciating such an instance. Then it would be not an unclean approach since the Java
Bean is a server sided component triggered by a JSP as the presentation

What do you think? Do you know other people working on this idea?

You help was very usefull for me. :)


> Hi Ralf,  Hi Laurent!
> I was also looking for some more information about the core openCMS-API (=
> accessing / creating content from "outside"),
> especially the possibility to access the system from other programs - like
> Ralf
> describes in his posting.
>  My current results are:
> a) If you have an instance of "CMSObject", everything is fine. You can
> access
> all the functionality you need.
> b) Only for JSP-Files that are part of the openCMS system (and
> calling-sequence), it is easy to get such an instance (see "RE:
> [opencms-dev]
> Class CmsRequestHttpServlet")
> c) The only alternative way I detected so far to CREATE such an instance
> is the
> approach that is used in "com.opencms.core.CMSShell.java". This is the
> main
> class for the command line shell utility that can be started by calling
> the
> cmsshell.bat / cmsshell.sh from your openCMS/WEB-INF directory.
> Unfortunatly, this isn't really something you would use for Ralf's
> scenarios
> "1)" and "2)", because this is not "connecting to the CMS-server" at all,
> but
> setting up a new server, i.e. new DB-Connections + need for all JAR-Files
> + ....
> (-> a "real" client from my point of view, should not need all the
> class-files
> and should not directly connect to the main DB?!?)
> But maybe (hopefully ;-) I'm wrong and there is still another way to get
> such an
> instance of CMSObject. If you find one, please inform me!
> Regards,
> Peter

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