[opencms-dev] How to access own Java Class via JSP in OpenCMS 5 RC2

Marcus Redeker mredeker at web.de
Thu Apr 3 19:48:25 CEST 2003


this is no problem. You just have to make sure that the OpenCMS webapp
is seeing your class. Either put it into the  opencms.jar or under
WEB-INF/classes. If you just want to use the class as a bean you can use
the "useBean" - Tag. For that you don't need to write your own tags.


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> Hi,
> I followed the advice of Tim Howland and want to use JSP and 
> JSTL for dynamic page generation. I am planning to develop an 
> Hello World example:
> I want to have a JSP page with a very basic form (textfield 
> and submit button).  The user enters his name  in the 
> textfield (i.e. Bob) and press the submit button. The word 
> get somehow transported to another JSP page which calles a 
> method in my own Java class with the word as parameter. The 
> Java class simply returns the input (Echo method). This 
> result should be displayed in this JSP so it finally produces 
> the output: "Hello World Bob".
> Is this generally possible? Will I need to develop my own TLD 
> file declaring the tags I want to be able to use? Does 
> somebody has already developed some JSP which access a own 
> (non-OpenCMS) Java class (i.e. a Java Bean) ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ralf 
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