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Thu Apr 3 16:08:24 CEST 2003

Hi Walter,

The problem is in the location of your folders containing the templates.

Try putting your master, frame and content templates in the following


This way your new master templates should be available in the drop down
list when creating a new Page. You might be able to configure OpenCMS to
look elsewhere for the Masters but you will definatley be safe doing it
this way.

Ps: Make sure that you change the references in your templates your that
they refer to the new file locations.

Good luck.

Mit herzlichem Gruß | Kind Regards

Sepand Oboudiyat

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I'm very new to OpenCMS so I'm afraid I have some basic questions.
I downloaded the latest documentation but this seems to be for the 4.6
version. I created a new project 'NiceTry' and in this directory /NiceTry I

created the following structure:

each containing a file (type=plain) and added some template xml stuff in it

according to the PDF documentation.

Now my question: how do I indicate these are templates ? When I create a
  Page, I can't see my newly created template.

Kind regards,


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