[opencms-dev] Publish Project -> index.html not found

EXCELSIS - Sepand Oboudiyat sepand.oboudiyat at excelsisnet.com
Wed Apr 2 14:12:30 CEST 2003

Hi Thomas,

Yes that was your problem.

More specifically, even if you dont want to Publish your entire project you
must ensure that the templates [master, frame and content] and other
resources used by the new page that you want to publish [in your case
index.html] have also been published i.e visible in the online project.

Best regards and wish you further fun !

Sepand Oboudiyat

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So now we have discovered our problem...

We never had published the whole Projekt, only the subdir..
(It's very disconcerting, but it works now....)

Regards, Thomas

> Hi Sven,
> I checked the file permissions and they are on "rw" für eyerybody, so
> that can't be the Problem. I also tried to set the owner for all the
> files on webuser, no effect (You see I'm desperade ;o)
> Has anybody an hint for me?
>> Hi Thomas,
>> I happen to have had similar problems. You could check the
>> permissions,
>>  it should be readable for all, otherwise the file can not be
>>  published (=written to the export directory) at all.
>> Sven
>> Thomas Kraft wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> there is an index.html file made with my mastertemplate. The
>>> index.html is located at /synyx/index.htmlThe folder "synyx" is the
>>> root-folder for my page. When I try to publish the page everything
>>> works almost fine, but: OpenCMS tells me that he can't find the file
>>> "/synyx/index.html" - skipping export.
>>> Publishing Resources ...
>>> Publishing /synyx/index.html
>>> Publishing /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
>>> Static Export, Number of Start-Links is: 2
>>> Exporting /synyx/index.html
>>> File does not exist, skipping export
>>> Skipping /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
>>> ... static export finished
>>> ... the resources were published
>>> ============================================
>>> Veröffentliche Resource(n) ...
>>> Veröffentliche /synyx/index.html
>>> Veröffentliche /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
>>> Statischer Export, Anzahl der Start-Links ist: 2
>>> Exportiere /synyx/index.html
>>> Datei existiert nicht, überspringe Export
>>> Überspringe /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
>>> ... statischer Export abgeschlossen
>>> ... die Resource(n) wurde(n) veröffentlicht
>>> ================================
>>> Why doesn't he find my index.html? Where must I place it or where
>>> must I tell it the location of the index.html ?
>>> When I click on the "index.html" inside my explore viewv From OpenCMS
>>> a pop-up window occurs dispalying the
>>> sitehttp://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/synyx/index.html correctly.
>>> But When I tried this after the publishing with Opera I get a 404
>>> from Tomcat
>>> Thanks in advance, Thomas

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