[opencms-dev] CM Questions

Anthony Smith anthony.smith at fedex.com
Tue Apr 1 18:27:11 CEST 2003

I guess what I am saying is...

I got this portal. And the portal has a space that has some JSP logic in it
that tells it to go get this file from the folder (outside the web folder)
and write it to the screen. I can write the html to the screen, but the
images don't render cause it is looking in the current web folder space that
the jsp is located trying to find the image.

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look at the webDAV protocol & microsoft's front page.


On Tue, 1 Apr 2003,
Anthony Smith wrote:

> I am not really looking for a full blown CM System, but one where I can
> upload my info outside of the webfolder. I want to load it someone else on
> the server. These files are mostly html's and images. I want to find some
> type of mechanism where I can write the html to the browser as well as the
> image. I do not know how to make the image render correctly?
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Anthony Smith
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Tim Howland

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