[opencms-dev] Image Gallery Problem

Joe Sechman Sechmanj at audits.state.ga.us
Tue Apr 1 16:53:57 CEST 2003

    Try clicking and dragging them into the WYSIWYG editor.  Don't worry, got me too ;-)


>>> sepand.oboudiyat at excelsisnet.com 04/01/03 09:07AM >>>

I am relatively new to OpenCMS.

I have created and published an image gallery but i am not able to include
the images into my pages using the WYSIWYG editor.

When i click on the image gallery icon in the WYSIWYG editor my image
gallery and its images are all visible but how do i select an image so that
it is added to my page ? Neither the image itself nor the image title are
So basically i can see the images in my image gallery but cant include in
the page.

My HTML gallery works. With the HTML gallery all i have to so is click on
the title of the HTML sample and it gets embedded into my page.

Anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your time in answering.

Mit herzlichem Gruß | Kind Regards

Sepand Oboudiyat

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