[opencms-dev] Publish Project -> index.html not found

Thomas Kraft thomas.kraft at synyx.de
Tue Apr 1 16:54:21 CEST 2003


there is an index.html file made with my mastertemplate. The index.html is
located at /synyx/index.htmlThe folder "synyx" is the root-folder for my page. When I try to publish
the page everything works almost fine, but: OpenCMS tells me that he can't
find the file "/synyx/index.html" - skipping export.
Publishing Resources ...
Publishing /synyx/index.html
Publishing /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
Static Export, Number of Start-Links is: 2
Exporting /synyx/index.html
File does not exist, skipping export
Skipping /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
... static export finished
... the resources were published


Veröffentliche Resource(n) ...
Veröffentliche /synyx/index.html
Veröffentliche /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
Statischer Export, Anzahl der Start-Links ist: 2
Exportiere /synyx/index.html
Datei existiert nicht, überspringe Export
Überspringe /system/bodies/synyx/index.html
... statischer Export abgeschlossen
... die Resource(n) wurde(n) veröffentlicht


Why doesn't he find my index.html? Where must I place it or where must I
tell it the location of the index.html ?
When I click on the "index.html" inside my explore viewv From OpenCMS a
pop-up window occurs dispalying the sitehttp://localhost:8080/opencms/opencms/synyx/index.html correctly. But When
I tried this after the publishing with Opera I get a 404 from Tomcat
Thanks in advance, Thomas

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