[opencms-dev] WYSIWYG Editor

Lukasz Keler Lukasz.Keler at ceti.pl
Sat Sep 29 17:45:34 CEST 2001


Alfredas Chmieliauskas wrote:
> IMHO IE activex control is a pretty reasonable solution, with a
> sufficient feature list, while stable behaviour throughout the different
> versions of IE. I've tried several pure DHTML+JavaScript editors
> available on the net, but none of them could compare to the MSHTML
> control considering features and stability.
> An alternative could be a java applet? Why not?

IE control is useless i.e. for polish users. All characters extending
ISO-8859-1 charset are typed with RIGHT_ALT+LETTER. But RIGHT_ALT+L is
shortcut to "add link" function. This is major problem for me.

Last, but not least: without UTF-8 support OpenCMS cannot be reasobale
choice for polish users.

  Lukasz Keler

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